Tips to win real money by playing games for free

win money

Gambling is surely a fun experience. Along with that, you can definitely make your own prospects of winning money. Yeah, gambling has got a large amount of money with it.

In order to win real money by playing games for free, you need to know to play really well. At least, you must have a single game where you can make things work well for you.

If you are an expert in a particular game, you will be able to make money from that itself. A lot of gamers keep trying new things every now and then.

However, I consider it to be a not-so-good move. You need to have your own niche in which you are good at, try that out and keep winning repeatedly.

How to win real money in free games?

If you have been looking forward to making money from gambling, you need to participate in the fun gaming and adapt yourself to the kind of environment that the gambling world generally provides.

Whatever we are interested in, it is essential to make sure that you make attempts to gain knowledge in that particular sphere.

So how would you do that for gambling, try to learn more about each game? Then workout, which among them really works for you!

Also, when you are about to set into this gambling industry, you can surely look forward to having some ideas about all that happens here.

For that, you need to consult talking with players if you know any! Before you set off to gambling, there are some tips to follow in real money playing games for free:

Take tips from gamers

People who have already been into the gambling industry are sure to have more experience than you, who have been planning to startup.

Consult with the gamers, if you know anyone in person. However, if you are a newbie and have no such acquaintances, why don’t you call up for help from the social networks.

You are sure to get them in social media. Go through the tweets they share or search over the internet, and you will certainly be able to find several valuable tips that would help you do better in the industry.

Learn reviews before starting with a game

When you have been planning to start with an online casino game, you can definitely look forward to going through the reviews of the games usually provide a section where the users can give their own feedback after they have tried out the games.

This would not be a bad idea through which you would be able to fetch at least a brief idea about the games so that you take interest and gain the confidence of trying them by yourself!

Game selection is significant

With so many games around, you may get a little confused about which one to opt for. Try selecting a game that does really work for you and help you generate both fun as well as money, two at the same go!



How To Place a Bet on Nairabet Online

Nairabet Online

Nairabet is a popular online betting site in Nigeria which has been operating in many parts of Nigeria, and there are many branches of Nairabet where people can go there physically and place bets, but the main attraction of Nairabet users comes from Online.

You’d be amazed to know how much money is circulated in the betting industry. People make millions of dollars in a betting place which literally change their whole entire life.

It may be lucky to someone, but there has been a great strategy and a skillful mindset is invested in order to win a luck oriented bets.

There is no surprise that everyone would want to win lots of cash on bets, but they do not even know the basics of betting.

So this article is for all the newbies who have just created their first account on Nairabet and planning to earn more than what they have spent.

This article consists of a complete guide on How to Place a Bet on Nairabet Online. This guide is suitable for all types of users, whether you have little experience or zero experience in betting scenes.

You will definitely understand the steps on how to place a bet on Nairabet, and you will be able to place a bet with ease on Nairabet Online, after reading this article.

How to place a Bet on Nairabet Online

You can use your desktop or smartphone to follow this guide. It is just the same with almost no difference.

  1. Using your device open Google Chrome and paste this URL in the address bar of Google Chrome
  2. Now, after visiting the official website of Nairabet, you need to register on this website.
  3. Click on “Register” at the top right corner and fill up all the required blanks.
  4. Click on “Create Account.”
  5. Now that you have created your account, it’s time to place a bet.
  6. At the home Page of Nairabet, you will see all the sports and events available in Nairabet. Click on your favorite sports where you want to place a bet on. For example – click“All sports” and then click on“football.”
  7. Now select the country of the league you want to place a bet on.
  8. Now select the league, and you will be shown all the matches. Now you will see all the betting markets available for that particular match you have selected. The betting markets are usually “Correct Score,” “Both Team to score,” “Half/Full Time,” and “Number of goals,” etc.
  9. Now click on your preferred market and input the stake amount.
  10. Now simply click on “Place a Bet.”

Now your bet has been placed, and you have to wait for the match to end to know whether you win or lose.

You can go to the betting shop to get promo code where you can get a bonus.

After reading this complete guide on How to Place a bet on Nairabet Online, you will not face any complications.

Top 5 Betting Sites in Nigeria

Betting Sites in Nigeria

This is about the Top 5 Betting Sites in Nigeria, and I promise that it will be a worthy read for you if you are planning to invest your time in playing in one of these sites potentially.

Betting is not just about passion anymore. We all know there is a hefty amount of money put into each bet ,and it can literally change someone’s life if they win huge.

Every betting site has a different specification, features, environment, and uniqueness. These top 5 betting sites in Nigeria are compiled up basis on these criteria.

The experienced players can now find it easy to predict the outcome of the game, which led to so many wins on their behalf.

This only happens due to their passion. This is why we provide you these betting sites to study and see how you well you can perform in these sites.

Top 5 betting sites in Nigeria


Bet9Ja is one of the most popular betting sites in Nigeria. This franchise has many branches and outlets across the country.

Almost every person who is into gambling knows about this, and that is because of the advertisements that they put in the media.

The website is user-friendly, and the odds are great. People who come here always have a great experience.

There is a bonus offer, and the payouts are consistent. Depositing the winning amount to your bank account is also not an issue.


1XBet is run by a European company who partnered with Nigeria Banks for easier deposit. The website is a little cluttered but you will get used to it easily.

1xBet has exciting features like Live betting odds, accumulated bonus, and other types of bonuses as well. The payouts are consistent here with credits alerts that you will get 24/7.


Nairabet is the oldest betting sites from Nigeria, so they have learned a lot from their mistakes, and now it is a great betting site with great odds with the fastest payouts.

Nairabet provides a huge bonus on the first deposit of a new player.

50 % Net profit for agents which is huge. The company works incredibly not just for the customers but also for the employees.

Definitely a great place to try out your first bet.


This site was ranked as the top bookies in Nigeria.

You can fund your wallet with USSD. You can also access your debit for direct deposit. Live betting, 200% first deposit bonus, fast payouts, and great odds are some of its best features.


MerryBet is just like the rest of the betting sites I have mentioned above. You can expect all the features of good betting sites like live betting, instant payments to your bank.

All-day customer support and live chat are also available on this website.

MerryBet can be the best website for first deposit bonus with 0 – 10 minutes of online account crediting time.

So these are the top 5 betting sites you should definitely check out.